Wild Coast Brew

Wild Coast Brew

Featured vendor in Museum Store!

9/1/2023 | Angela Whitlock, CSRA




With hot drink season fast approaching, we wanted to share this amazing vendor inside of our Museum Store.

Wild Coast Brew is part of our sustainability section in the store, becuase they create their tea blends by growing sustainably, sourcing responsibly, and foraging ethically. Not only are all of their operations solar-powered, but they also package their teas in plant-based compostable cellophane bags and recycled paper tubes. They also uphold sustainable wildcrafting standards by solely harvesting from locations that are contaminant free while also allowing for regeneration. 

Wild Coast Brew was founded by two individuals with a farming and culinary background. Many of the ingredients in their teas are either grown by their own farm, or foraged ethically in the Southern Oregon Coast Range. When they source from other farms, they support organic operations and stick to regional sources whenever possible.

The tea blends they craft contain combinations that are not typically found in stores, such The Trickster, which contains oxidized fireweed, roasted myrtle nuts, artist conk mushroomm, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, peppercorn, and vanilla bean, or The Goof, which has chipotle flakes among its ingredients.

What is really interesting about Wild Coast Brew teas is that they have a variety of uses outside of making them into tea. Wild Coast Brew's website provides a section that contains so many different uses, such as infusing them into rice, mixing with broth, adding them to a cookie recipe, or even using the tea as an ingredient for a cocktail. 

The artwork on the tea canisters is created by artist Ila Rose, who is inspired by symbolism that depicts instances of human-environment connection. The tea canisters' beautiful artwork makes them into a decorative item within the kitchen, and showcases their potential for reuse. 

These are some of the many reasons why we love Wild Coast Brew! Stop in the museum store and stock up on some of these delightful, delicious, and innovative tea blends!