Squire Boone

Squire Boone

Featured vendor in Museum Store!

9/8/2023 | Angela Whitlock, CSRA




Squire Boone is the vendor that we use for ordering all of our rocks and gemstones, including our Make Your Own Necklaces. They have been in business for 40 years and specialize in trinket souvenirs. Squire Boone supplies over 10,000 products to attractions and retailers across the United States. 

The Museum Store recently received a large reorder of our gemstones and rocks, and we just had to show them off! The rock section in our store has been a favorite of many for quite some time. We currently have some new rocks in our section, such as the Rainbow Moonstone and Peacock Ore, and will soon be selling out of two kinds of our geodes (don't worry, we will still have the Crack-Open Geodes in stock!) We also have a full stock of the Make Your Own Necklace charms and cords, with some new charms in stock, such as Snakeskin. 

With this reorder, we also upgraded to a spinning display for our rocks! This makes them easier to see and access. 

These gemstones and rocks are inexpensive, unique, and make perfect gifts! Stop into the Museum Store and see what new rocks we have, and what interesting information you can learn about them.