What We Teach Series

What We Teach Series

Seed Safari

2/29/2024 | Marina Montez-Ellis, Garden Program Specialist

Seed Safari is one of our garden programs geared at teaching preschool to 4th grade students the life cycle of a plant from the perspective of a seed. The day starts out with a quick read of Gail Gibbons' From Seed to Plant. A gracious volunteer then gets to dress up like a seed and provided the nutrients needed for a seed to flourish as a plant. A collection of plant, tree and edible seeds is examined and identified and connections are made between the natural world and what we use as food.

Our fieldtrip friends then take a tour of the botanical garden learning about all the wonderful plants that our diligent gardeners maintain. We look for leaves, seeds and a glimpse of what that particular season allows. We meander through the gardens making our way to the koi pond and red bridge.

A learning experience that never quite leaves the mind, as we witness this lesson being repeated each week with the many visitors that connect in the very same way.

For more information on our Seed Safari fieldtrip or our other school and homeschool educational fieldtrips please contact us at 586-2612 or sgonzalez@ccfpd.org.