Black History Month

Black History Month

Legacy Exhibits

2/24/2024 | Angela Whitlock, CSRA

In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to highlight two virtual exhibits that are available on our website.  


In 2001, the Museum of the Grand Prairie began on ongoing project to celebrate the achievements of African American Women in Champaign County. Once a physical special exhibit, This Legacy is Yours was a cooperative effort between the museum and the National Council of Negro Women’s Champaign County Chapter.  

In 2003, we continued with the theme of our first exhibit to include African American men in Champaign County. Your Legacy Too is an online exhibit drawn from the Doris K. Wylie Hoskins Archive for Cultural Diversity, and was a cooperative effort between the museum and the National Council of African American Men.  


The information these exhibits was obtained through first-person interviews that were transcribed and turned into mini biographies.  

These exhibits are both ongoing, which means that we continue to add details to them. Recently, both exhibits were updated to keep biographical information most current. During this update, the exhibits’ style and navigation was revamped, and an introduction to each was added.  


Please feel free to check out This Legacy is Yours and Your Legacy Too on our website.  

Both exhibits serve as excellent resources for learning about African American history within Champaign County.