Wilderness Living Skills Workshop

Wilderness Living Skills Workshop

10/6/2023 to 10/8/2023 | 6:00 PM – 12:00 PM

Program Location: Burr Oak Campground, Middle Fork River Forest Preserve, 3485 County Rd 2700 E, Penfield, IL 61862

Spend 3 days camping in the hardwood forests of Illinois where you will learn to make use of the landscape around you. This is an exciting class with lots of hands-on practice in the essential skills of wilderness survival. Participants will learn to make rope, light fires with fire-by-friction, build a shelter that will keep you warm and dry, find food in the wild, and techniques of cooking food over a fire. All this while sleeping in the comfort of your own tent.

Our instructors for this workshop are the highly experienced co-founders of Wild Nature Project. They have led this workshop at our location for 9 years, and we know you will enjoy them while learning so many new skills!

$220 per person. Adults only. Space is limited; registration required by September 29.

For more info: (217) 896-2455 or sclementz@ccfpd.org.


For more information about the campground: http://www.ccfpd.org/forest-preserve/middle-fork-river-champaign-county

Note: To help keep costs down, we do not provide food in this course.