Year of the Park: Lake of the Woods, Mahomet

Year of the Park: Lake of the Woods, Mahomet

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Published Date: November 2, 2020

As the Year of the Park continues, we will be documenting every park in Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy, Champaign County Forest Preserves, along with other odds and ends between July 2020 and July 2021.

NAME: Lake of the Woods

LOCATION: 109 S Lake of the Woods Rd, Mahomet, IL 61853


This history of Lake of the Woods, located just northwest of Champaign-Urbana in Mahomet, is vast. Topographically, it is something of an anomaly for Champaign County, which is known to be comprised of the flattest and nutrient-rich soil in the entire world. Our economy stems from this agricultural goldmine, but as a result, the people who settled here and who continue to live here don't get quite as many places to explore forests, or natural bodies of water, or even many hills to hike up and down.