Step Back in Time at Museum of the Grand Prairie

Step Back in Time at Museum of the Grand Prairie


Published Date: March 14, 2021

The Museum of the Grand Prairie is an absolute gem and we have missed it so during much of the past year! Now reopened to the public with a number of COVID-19 guidelines in place, you can plan a safe and easy visit to this FREE museum in Mahomet.

All of the other areas are open but may have some modifications. You’ll see signs that say things like “one group or individual in this room at a time” or “ENTER HERE” so there’s no question about which way traffic is flowing through the exhibit. The museum has a few areas that work as one-way traffic areas and they work quite well to direct you through the exhibit without running into others. However, it should be noted that on our weekday afternoon visit, there was only one other family visiting the museum at that time so it was quite empty.

One of the things our family loves the most about this place is sitting in the carriage with “Abraham Lincoln” watching on and things like that are definitely still possible. Museum of the Grand Prairie does an excellent job with its exhibits to make the subject matter local to our area, and your kids recognize different pieces as you walk through. Our kids like looking at the pictures of the slide and people swimming IN Lake of the Woods many years ago.