Women's History Month

Women's History Month

Lucille Clark

3/24/23 | Katie Snyder, Education Program Specialist

Today we celebrate Women’s History Month with this look at local Shero, Lucille Clark.

From our History of Healing exhibit--"Lucille Clark was born in Canton, IL in 1932. One of 13 children she worked tirelessly to save money for school. Lucille went to the Graham Hospital School of Nursing in Canton, the first woman of color to attend and graduate. After obstetrics postgraduate work, she started work at Carle Hospital in Urbana, IL in 1955. Lucille stayed for over 45 years, rising to head nurse and other management positions. Active in the community and the Parkland College School of Nursing, “hands on” patient care was the focus of her career and what she loved to do.”

Visit Museum of the Grand Prairie in the Champaign County Forest Preserve District today, to learn more about Lucille Clark and other local sheroes and heroes who made a difference in our community.

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