New Spring Items and Displays in the Museum Store

New Spring Items and Displays in the Museum Store

Our store is now stocked!

3/4/2024 | Angela Whitlock, CSRA

The museum is now open and so is our museum store! 


This spring, we have some new display shelves that have allowed us to showcase more Peterson Notecards and Folding Guides by Earth, Sky, and Water. We also have some new Poisonous Plants Stickers on display by BoyPilot Goods.


We are continuing to offer a wide variety of eco-friendly and sustainable merchandise, such as ethically-sourced looseleaf teas by Wild Coast Brew, zero-waste razors in beautiful, spring colors by Jungle Culture, soap concentrates, lotions, scrubs, lip balms, and bug repellent by Good Earth Soap, beeswax wraps, cork pens, and pencil highlighters by Ecolif3, as well as many more sustainable and reusable items, such as foldable shopping bags, reusable dishcloths, and cutlery sets. We have also added some amazing tea accessories to go with your Wild Coast Brew tea: silicone tea infusers and small glass teapots with infusers by The Grateful Tea Co., tumblers, can glasses (for iced tea!), and straw covers by Talking Out of Turn, and Mushroom Mugs by Streamline.


We have a lot of wonderful, new merchandise for the springtime that can further interaction with nature during this gorgeous time of year. This year, we have cat and dog grass (if you didn't know dog grass existed, now you know!), edible flower gardens, and a kid's fairytale garden by Potting Shed Creations, bubbles with eco-friendly solution that is safe for the environment and comes in reusable, refillable aluminum containers by Bubble Tree, wooden bubble wands in a variety of spring shapes by Kinfolk Pantry, and Kid’s Garden Hand Tools by Toysmith.


We also have a lot of fun, activity-related merchandise for kids, such as finger paints and egg coloring kits made with organic fruit and vegetable extracts and make your own beeswax candles by Eco-Kids, nature-themed activity sheets promoting interaction with the outdoors by Little Wood Walkers, or specialty sidewalk chalk with glitter, some of which contain surprises inside, by Hopscotch.


Stop by and visit the museum this spring, and on your way out, come into the store and see how you can continue the museum experience at home and in your backyard!