Healthy Houseplant Tips for the Winter!

Healthy Houseplant Tips for the Winter!

Keeping plants healthy and happy...

11/16/2022 | Katie Snyder, Education Program Specialist

Winter can be a stressful time for people and plants. Keeping our plants happy and healthy can be its own type of therapy. These tips from the Garden Scoop Blog from Illinois Extension Horticulture Educator will help keep us and our plants thriving through the winter.

-Decrease Watering- growth and water uptake decrease in the winter, water after soil is almost completely dried out.

-Increase Humidity- Houseplants prefer 40-50% humidity. A humidifier or placing plants in the bathroom help with low humidity.

-Proper Temperature- Plants prefer temps between 65 to 75 degrees. Place plants away from winter drafts.

-Proper Light- During the winter months low or varied light can limit growth. Light exposure in sunny south-facing windows can be affected when the sun sits lower on the horizon. Plants near windows with full canopy trees may now get full sun during the winter.