Good Earth Soap

Good Earth Soap

Featured vendor in Museum Store!

8/17/2023 | Angela Whitlock, CSRA




At the Museum Store, we have over 100 vendors that we source merchandise from. 

We would love to let you get to know our vendors more closely, starting with our first featured vendor, Good Earth Soap. 

Good Earth Soap is based in Wisconsin, and was founded in 1999. Their commitment to supporting the environment is at the forefront of every choice they make. 

We love Good Earth Soap because they are eco-friendly, biodegradable, 100% handmade, organic, and female-owned. But what else makes them so cool and what other interesting stuff is worth knowing about them?

Well, the folks at Good Earth Soap ensure that they thoughtfully curate every single aspect of their product-making process to ensure they are leaving a meaningful impact, from purchasing locally sourced herbs to using as much low-waste packaging as possible, to the way that they handcraft their products. Their products are packaged and shipped using all recyclable and biodegradable materials. 

They also align their mission with connecting to and supporting other organizations that align with their mission. Check this out:

Each year, Good Earth Soap offsets all of their emissions through Terra Pass, a company that helps individuals and businesses offset their carbon footprint by offering assistance with sustainable products and solutions, as well as creating ways for customers to reduce their impact when purchasing items through these businesses.

They plant one tree for each order they receive, through a company called One Tree Planted, an organization that is committed to reforestation of the planet. This is done several times a year in batches. 

They are also members of One Percent for the Planet, an international organization that has members who contribute at least 1% of their annual environmental causes to protect the environment...and, Good Earth Soap donates to local charities and individuals in need. Each year, they donate a portion of their proceeds to nonprofit organizations, such as The Bee Conservancy or SeaLegacy

These are the many reasons why we love Good Earth Soap. We feel that, as part of the Champaign County Forest Preserve District, their values align with ours and our support of this vendor helps us fulfill our mission. Check out the wide selection of Good Earth Soap products that we carry in our museum store!