What goes up, must come down...

12/24/2022 | Champaign County Forest Preserve District

What goes up, must come down 🎈

The natural resources department collects all the balloons they find on the preserves to see just how many are found within one year. This year they found less but still a significant amount. These balloons were found stuck in trees, floating in water and blowing across landscapes.

Unfortunately, thousands of balloons are released in the air, either on accident or on purpose, every year. Every single one of these balloons come back down to earth and create litter, pollute waterways and threaten wildlife. Mylar balloons (most of what is seen in these pictures) never biodegrade.

Consider these alternatives to balloons;

-Fresh flowers, paper archways, chains and streamers for decorations

-Biodegradable confetti, bubbles or paper pinwheels for party fun

-Planting trees, candlelight vigil, or writing a message on native seed paper to honor someone