Artifact Discovery

Artifact Discovery

Check out this unique experience!

11/18/2022 | Katie Snyder, Education Program Specialist

This week we welcomed 5th graders from Next Generation School for our Artifact Discovery/Writing Around Artifacts fieldtrip 🪶

If you are an educator working with students in grades 5-12, this is truly a unique experience! The program allows scholars to handle, examine and analyze actual artifacts. And--we can build the fieldtrip around a given time period or historical happening in your curriculum 📖

After analyzing several artifacts, the students then choose an artifact that speaks to them, and we begin (in a relevant exhibit in the museum) to write a historical fiction piece featuring their individual artifact.

This awesome opportunity is a great choice for a winter fieldtrip! For more information contact Katie Snyder at ksnyder@ccfpd.or or 217-586-2612