New Summer Items in the Museum Store!

New Summer Items in the Museum Store!

We are ready for summer!

6/12/2023 | Angela Whitlock, CSRA


While we still have 9 days until it is officially summer, it is now summer in our Museum Store!

This summer, we have a lot of great items for outdoor activities, such as Kid's Gardening Tools in summery colors with wooden handles so you won't have to worry about rust!

We have gorgeous, colorful sidewalk chalk from Hopscotch. These sidewalk chalks, whether in a single box or in a 4 piece set, are molded in fun shapes and topped with glitter and bits of other colored chalk. The blocks of chalk that we have are "surprise" chalk, and contain a special surprise in the middle of the chalk. These make great gifts!

We are still selling eco-friendly bubbles by Bubble Tree that is safe for the environment and comes in reusable, refillable aluminum containers. We are now also selling wooden bubble wands by Kinfolk Pantry. The wands are laser-cut into shapes, such as lady bugs, suns, and bees.

We also have summery air fresheners and glass drink containers that come with a glass straw and cork lid, in two summery designs, and metal cold cups with a summer scene, both by Talking Out of Turn. To compliment these, we also have some fun, summery straw covers by Harris Girls & Co. These drink containers work perfectly for iced tea, and the metal one also works for hot beverages.

Speaking of tea...

We are continuing to offer a wide variety of eco-friendly and sustainable merchandise, such as ethically-sourced looseleaf teas by Wild Coast Brew.

We also continue to offer zero-waste razors in beautiful, spring colors by Jungle Culture, soap concentrates, lotions, scrubs, lip balms, and bug repellent by Good Earth Soap, as well as many more sustainable and reusable items, such as pencil highlighters, cork pens, foldable shopping bags, and cutlery sets.

Stop by and visit the museum this summer, and on your way out, come into the store and see how you can continue the museum experience at home and in your backyard!